Manchester Airports Group CEO statement on Flybe

Charlie Cornish, Group CEO of MAG, said: 

“Flybe’s collapse is a significant blow to the UK’s connectivity and regional economies.

“While short-term factors accelerated Flybe’s collapse, the fact remains that the UK has the highest aviation taxes in Europe and some of the highest in the world. This burden has been a major factor in the Monarch, Thomas Cook and Flybe bankruptcies over the last three years.

“Air Passenger Duty hit Flybe and its domestic routes doubly hard. The Government recognised that when it committed to reviewing APD as part of the package announced in January to keep Flybe trading.

“The UK needs a thriving aviation sector to deliver Global Britain. Many airlines are looking to invest in the UK, and the Government should support them with an immediate cut to APD while it carries out its fundamental review of aviation taxes.”

Background information:

  • Passengers pay £13 in APD taxation on each short-haul economy departure in the UK, for a total of £26 for each domestic return trip