MAG statement on the agreement of a global aviation climate target at the 41st ICAO Assembly

 MAG CEO Charlie Cornish said: “Reaching agreement on an international target to achieve aviation net zero by 2050 is a hugely important milestone, the significance of which cannot be over-stated.

 “It is the strongest demonstration yet that the global aviation industry - standing united – is committed to delivering a greener, more sustainable future.

 “MAG is proud to be playing a leading role in driving forward this agenda, in partnership with the UK government through its Jet Zero Council, and the rest of our industry.

 “In line with domestic targets set out in the Government’s Jet Zero Strategy earlier this year, MAG will continue its pursuit of Net Zero operations by 2038, alongside delivery of Jet Zero pledges, focused on research, education, use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Airspace Modernisation.”

Please see a link to details of the agreement here