MAG statement on Jet Zero

The Jet Zero Council is a joint initiative between the Department for Transport and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It aims to bring together industry stakeholders to focus on a framework to deliver net zero by 2050. MAG worked alongside the government and the wider aviation sector to bring together the most senior figures in UK aviation, including airports, airlines, manufacturers and environmental experts. All are committed to delivering Net Zero by 2050.


Charlie Cornish, Group CEO of MAG, said:

“Today’s first Jet Zero Council is a real and important milestone on the road to the UK aviation industry becoming net zero carbon by 2050. Today’s meeting demonstrated the progress that is being made in developing new technologies and new sustainable fuels, and the potential for Government and industry to work together to make the UK a world leader in this area. For our part, MAG has been a leader in making air travel more sustainable and we were the first airport operator in the UK to achieve carbon neutral status across all our operations.

“Through the Jet Zero Council, Government and the aviation industry will produce a framework which will set out how we can decarbonise aviation. This comes following the industry’s own commitment and road map to reaching full net zero carbon by 2050, which was published earlier in the year. We all know that this is a challenging target but one we can achieve by working collaboratively with Government."


The first meeting took place on 22 July 2020 and was launched by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Over the coming months the Jet Zero Council will begin to build a framework to deliver Net Zero by 2050, with senior Government Ministers working with industry to ensure airspace modernisation, sustainable aviation fuels, aircraft development and low carbon technologies work together to ensure the UK remains the forefront of aviation development. The Council will meet quarterly and will report on progress.